A big shout out to Brittany Clough (Kira/Otterbox), who tackles the complexities of her role with ease: she maintains such a timid posture, as if she’s apologizing for the space she takes up – but evolves into a total nightmare by the end of the play. Also, her “scary voice” is simultaneously frightening and funny. - Torontonicity 

"The character of Donna's daughter, Sophie, is also performed

with amazing accuracy by Brittany Clough. Though out

the entire show her energy draws your eye in and keeps you 

hooked. " City News - Mamma Mia

What a Beautiful, Charming, Heart Warming, INCREDIBLE Cabaret from Our Brittany Clough. Brittany’s Awesome TALENT gave us Entertainment , through her Fascinating, Elegant and Engaging Life Journey to her current SuperStardom. Brittany Clough is Our Princess of the Triple Threat Musical Theatre World. - On Her Cabaret "But What Do I Put As My Home Address?"

Actor / Singer / Dancer / Model / Photographer